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JECRC university is back with another exciting and fun virtual fest, which is never seen before: E-uphoria.

Get ready to learn diverse skills, flutter or share your opinions on topic of your choice. Maybe you will find yourself interested in a combating solo with the enemy or playing treasure hunt with your closest. Experience the beats of music and dance to your own rhythm. Fuse all your skills and talents to defeat your opponents. OUT HUSTLE, OUT WORK, OUT THINK, OUTPLAY, OUTLAST! Register yourself and be a part of a journey full of enthusiasm, fun and excitement !

JECRC University with its decade long background has tried to provide the best education, research innovation, job opportunities and overall development to its students. It has created a platform that provides world-class education and ethical values which help growing India along with making its mark in the globe.

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The Python Programming :
The event aims at testing the python concepts. Prelims will test your basic knowledge about Python. Finals consists of a challenge of applying the Python Programming Concepts along with exploiting the Knowledge of functions in the core libraries which provide the “look and feel’ to the application/Operators.
The C programming :
The event aims at testing the C concepts. Prelims will test your basic knowledge about C. Finals consists of a challenge of applying the C Programming Concepts along with exploiting the Knowledge of functions in the core libraries which provide the “look and feel’ to the application/Operators.
The event is for beginning a career in graphics & UI designing or just learning the basics of it. Whether you are a photographer, a designer, a blogger or a layman, it’s for all. If you want to put beautiful images in any social network, Photoshop skills are a must-have. This one-day workshop makes you learn Adobe Photoshop, Tools, Making graphics, Web Layouts, Image editing, Coloring and UI Techniques from scratch.
This event aims at testing the Flutter Concepts. It will be a two-round event consisting of a session on Flutter and a competition in which an app homepage has to be developed by the elements provided to the participants.
As the name suggests, this event refers to a ‘mock’ placement round for all the undergraduate students who would be sitting for campus placements shortly. The best part of this event is that all the UG students from various branches/fields can participate in this event.
A panel discussion over the topic that is catching fire in the student community since lockdown. Product management is always a deal-breaker but the only problem students face is how-tos and how to break into the industry of PM. This session will guide me more deeply into how one can break into a PM Internship and how to lay a foundation for it.
Social media offers connectivity, but it is important to find a balance. Learn about how it is changing our perceptions of ourselves, others, and the world. In this panel discussion, you will get to know more about Social Media, the dark side of it. We will be inviting YouTubers and bloggers for this panel discussion.
A 24 hours event in which teams (computer programmers and software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and often including subject-matter-experts, collaborator) have to develop an application or software-based or hardware-based solution to the given problem statement. The focus will primarily be on the product developed.
This competition is for all the drama enthusiasts. They will have to present their acting and narrating skills through act presentation. They will be either given topics to act up on or will be given options to choose from Entry fee per member - 50rs
This event promotes fashion without vugarity. Participant has to submit her/his video doing ramp walk.
Open Mic is a fun active for all the entertainer who are full of entertainment, entertainment and entertainment Platform for poets, stand up comedy, story tellers and role, the best entertainer will get exciting prize and vouchers Entry fee per student-50rs.
This event is for all the people who love to express their views and opinions on the topic they will be given to speak upon through literary commands. It will consist of 3 where in the best 10 will compete in 2nd round to move to the final sand win the award for the best Debater. Entry fee per member-50rs
Students will participate in the fun quiz filled with questions and rounds regarding their favourite shows and movies like marvel, friends, harry potter and many more. It will consist of 2 preliminary rounds and final rounds. The type of questions will be diverse and fun filled. It will be held through zoom platform. Entry fee per member-50rs
It is going to be an online dance competition having categories of solo performances.
The world of music is captivating, bright, and diverse. We all enjoy a good piece of melody, heartbroken, oralazy after noon shower,music has own edits taste ful way to work up your dopamine. Having said that, a professional in this arena will always know how to adjust their tone, have consistency and create each note distinct from the other to create an intended musical effect. It's time to witness the vocalist in you, the craft that you have precisely bead, you’re astoundin
A team off our members will have to solve some fun and intellectual clues to find the final treasure through platforms. It will have one round only the first team to get the treasure wins the game. Fee per person-50rs
How well do you know famous sportspersons? If you are a sports lover and you love taking on quizzes then get ready to test your knowledge and facts about sports!!! It is a fun quiz that will consist of a questionnaire from different sports, fun sports facts, famous personalities of sports and much more!!
An event for everyone who not only just loves the game of cricket, but also analyses it to the limit. This event makes you the don of the hat of a bidder. You need to manage your budget and you can strategize to make the best possible team competing against other opponents who will give you a run for your money, quite literally. If you love cricket, if you have followed IPL and if you can mix common sense with passion into your bidding strategy, this event is a must for you.
Valorant is a team-based tactical shooter and first-person shooter set in the near future. Players play as one of a set of agents, characters designed based on several countries and cultures around the world. In the main game mode, players are assigned to either the attacking or defending team with each team having five players on it. Agents have unique abilities, each requiring charges, as well as a unique ultimate ability that requires charging through kills, deaths, or spike actions.
Chess is an abstract strategy game and involves no hidden information. It is played on a square chessboard with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. At the start, each player (one controlling the white pieces, the other controlling the black pieces) controls sixteen pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns. The object of the game is to checkmate the opponent's king, whereby the king is under immediate attack (in "check") and there is no way to remove it from attack on the next move. There are also several ways a game can end in a draw.